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Oyster Wheel - order & collect from your Pop-up Shop

For the longest time, there has been a dilemma that has plagued seafood lovers… until now: enter the perfect oyster tray.

We call this wonderful piece of engineering ingenuity The Oyster Wheel.

This two-piece tray is the ultimate device for preparing and serving a dozen of the finest chilled or cooked oysters (Coffin Bay’s of course!).

For natural oysters - the wheel provides the perfect platform to balance a dozen oysters above, while on the curved-lipped tray below, you can conceal some crushed ice to keep them beautifully chilled.

For cooked oysters - the wheel again provides the ideal seat for even the most unique of oyster shells, so you shouldn’t lose a drop of your delicious sauces and juices. However, the curved lip tray underneath will be there in support to catch any minor spillage.

The two-part oyster tray is made from aluminium, so is simple to wash and maintain.
We think this brand-new product is a total game changer and we invite you to try it with your favourite hot and cold oyster recipes.

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