About Coffin Bay Pacific Oysters


Coffin Bay Pacific Oysters was established by Ian and Sheryl Sellen in 1994.  In 1996, we commenced farming our first oysters in the area of Little Douglas, at Coffin Bay.  

Back in the 90's, Little Douglas was mostly scrub and oyster farming was undertaken with minimal machinery. We were working from small tinnies, transporting oysters from water to the shore.  Since then, however, we have grown steadily. Today, we have a small operations-base with tractors, machinery and boats that help us work more efficiently.

Importantly, we've also built a tight-knit team of employees, including Benji and Jamie Sellen - second generation oyster farmers and sons to Ian and Sheryl.

From Left to right: Benji, Ian, Sheryl and Jamie.

Over the years, we have continued to improve both our infrastructure and farming methods to ensure we deliver only the freshest quality, premium grade oysters. 

Now, we use a combination of both mature grown oysters and oysters grown from seed, as a technique to ensure we have a wide mix of bio-diversity and we always have oysters available for harvest.

This also means that size is not our primary focus. 

We believe in growing the best product relative to the seasonal conditions and time of year.  Being in tune with our surroundings also means that our oysters are healthy and most importantly, they taste fantastic!

From seed to plate, our production cycle takes between 12 to 24 months depending on the seasonal conditions.

We take pride in the pre-grading all of our oysters. This means we inspect and check the oysters before the harvest and then, we return them to the water for a final hardening and fattening period of 1 to 3 months.

This hand-on's approach ensures our oysters are a consistent size and quality, giving them that premium level of taste when shucked and served on your plate.

We are very proud of our product and the farming techniques that we have developed over two generations for family operations.  Living and working in the Coffin Bay, Port Lincoln and Eyre Peninsula environment is something we are truly thankful for and love to be a part of. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information about your Coffin Bay Oysters. 

Bon appetit!